The Hum: interacting with an actuated ambient organism
CoCA201, 2011

The Computing and the Creative Arts program at Queen’s is a multidisciplinary Arts and Science program that allows students to combine courses in Film, Drama, Music and Art with a Computer Science degree. COCA201 is the introductory second year course of the program. For more information on the program please see the COCA undergraduate handbook at the School of Computing. The COCA program is affiliated with Queen’s state-of-the-art laboratory for new media and human computer interaction, the Human Media Lab.

COCA201 is a multidisciplinary studio-oriented overview of computer-based applications in Art, Music, Drama and Film. History of human-computer interaction. Critical and philosophical issues. Animation. Virtual reality. Computer-aided design. Computer games. Enrolment is limited.

Prerequisite: A 100-level course in Art, Drama, Film and Media, or Music.

Pre- or Co-requisite: CISC 101* or CISC 110* or CISC 121*, or permission of the Instructor & School of Computing.

Location and Time: Beamish-Munro RM213 Thursdays 14.30-17:30
Professor Roel Vertegaal, PhD

Instructor: Prof. Roel Vertegaal, PhD - roel[at]